I've been making Mac software since 2007.  You may have used one of my more popular projects MacDust, Purity, or TinyGrab.  I've used a few different tools including Xcode, Torque 2D, and Xojo.  I code mostly for the love of it, unless of course you'd like to hire me.

May 6, 2014
Answers makes the challenge of writing help documents simple and easy. Using a content-based approach you can make a beautiful Help Book or FAQ in minutes.

Answers uses themes to let users pick sleek styles for their help documents. A few are bundled, and more are available on the website. My hope is to build a community that makes more themes too. Visit the website:
ModTools makes it quick and easy to check StopForumSpam for spam accounts, and for disposable email addresses.  The idea is to make the life of a forum moderator just slightly easier.  View on Mac App Store
YOURLS Mac Client
The YOURLS Mac Client is a very simple app to have a global keyboard shortcut send a link to your installation of YOURLS. When your server responds, the short link is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it. Made with Cocoa in 14 hours back in 2013, haven't touched it since (still works!)  More information / download

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Purity started out as a simple project to help me clean up files I constantly deleted on my 60GB iBook G4.  I shared it with the world because back then data wasn't so freely available.  Discontinued in August 2011, the app no longer cleans useful file locations so I do not offer support for it.  A great tool while it lasted.