I write code for Web, Desktop, and iOS

Hi, I am Tim Parnell. I have been making Mac software since 2007, when I released one of my most popular projects, MacDust. I am now a software developer with several products available.

I currently work with BKeeney Software. In the past I have worked with the TinyGrab team; and as an in-house developer for MacHeist.

I am not available for contract work at this time.

My Work

Answers Icon Answers

Answers makes the challenge of writing help docs simple and easy.

Xojo Plugin Icon HTML Edit for Xojo

WYSIWYG rich text editor with HTML input and output for Xojo Developers.


A collection of my Xojo Web controls, available as one easy to use package. Brings Bootstrap controls to Xojo, and features workaround hot-fixes for some Xojo bugs.


An easy to use WYSIWYG rich text editor with HTML input and output for Xojo Developers. Originally created as a component for Answers, the control is now available as both a Desktop and Web control.


Created to encourage software developers to write documentation for their products by offering this cool app for free. Answers is gaining traction and is used daily by developers around the world.

Mac Client for yourls

Created a Mac desktop client, for the lovely yourls URL shortener. Desktop client featured a global keyboard shortcut, and a history of links.


Worked on the Mac desktop client. Maintained features, and updated the code for the new upload API. Added drop-on-menuitem feature with the help of friends.

MacHeist Chat

Hired as an in-house developer for MacHeist, my main responsibility was the desktop chat client. The app connected with the web chat and recieved server notifications which were pushed to Growl notifications and dock icon badges.


Created back when hard drive space was much more limited, MacDust was my first major project. It cleaned out caches and other support files that got large rather quckly. It also cleaned logs, transcripts, and miscellaneous "dusty" files.

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