Update to HTML Edit

I've updated HTML Edit to fix a couple bugs and an oversight (I saw it and had a /facepalm moment.)  Anyone who's purchased already can use their existing unique personal download link to get the latest version.  If you've downloaded the demo and are still playing with it, I would recommend grabbing the latest demo as it's just that much cooler!

Also in the update is a new module called InlineStyle.  This module was created to make switching from existing solutions easier.  It is a few hundred lines of intense RegEx mastery and loops, and it will turn a page with a separate CSS <style> section into inline styling for use with Quill (the engine that powers HTML Edit.)  It was designed for switching from Styled HTML Field for a customer and has been tested on output from that control.

I made it a module so if you don't need to convert CSS to inline styles you don't need to have it in your project. All in all it's got a couple very important fixes, so please make sure you're up to date!

January 26, 2015

HTML Edit Control for Xojo

Formatted rich text in Xojo isn't exactly the easiest thing to convert into HTML, and going backwards is just as loopy (get it?)  I've created an rich text editor control that you can use to get and set HTML.  It's pretty cool, there's a lot of info on it's own page.  HTML Edit

Really though, I made the control so that I can use it in Answers.  So now that it's done I can include it in Answers and finally get rich text editing into the program!  I'm so excited to get that out the door.  Look for Answers version 1.1.0 coming soon!

January 20, 2015
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