Getting Closer!

It's time.  I've decided to release some details about my super secret project that I've been working on for more than three months.  It's called Answers, and it makes Help Books and FAQ websites.  It was originally a very small idea to test out Xojo and see how much I liked it's tools.  The app quickly evolved into something much larger, and is my first cross-platform app!

There's a little more information on my software page.  But if you're looking to try it or learn more, head over to the website itself  As I write this post, it's not currently available to download; but it should be ready in a few days.  I have to get myself one of them fancy Apple Developer IDs to codesign with.  Have to go scrape together the funds...

August 9, 2014

Beta Stage

My secret project has begun it's beta stage.  I'm rounding up a range of users to push my app to the limits and see if they can break it.  This just means I'm that much closer to release!  It's also really exciting because it officially means the app core is working.  It didn't dawn on me until today that suddenly the app is quite usable.

After three months of work my baby is mostly grown!  In the coming weeks I should be able to pop it out, and make it public.  I've even already picked out it's name :3

Stay tuned for more details!

July 27, 2014


So I haven't posted anything to the blog in a while, and I thought I might give you a progress update.  My new app is coming along well.  Today I finished one of the rendering engines for the second time.  There was a gaping hole that I discovered - of course while falling asleep the night before - and I had to rewrite the entire thing from scratch.  There is good news however; that engine is now more than a hundred lines shorter, and strangely super easy to understand now.  Not at all like the first engine.

This will all make more sense once I can release some details about my new app.  There are four more engines to go, most of which shouldn't be too difficult to make.  At some point I will add an about me section to the website, but I'm pretty terrible at writing about myself.  If anyone would like to write it for me, and make me sound like a superhero, that'd be great.

July 12, 2014

Live Tweeting Updates!

Tonight I accidentally live-tweeted the process of updating Windows 7 to SP1.  The whole process was terrifying, annoying, and inexcusably long.  So my natural reaction is to tweet with my iPhone the whole time.  The computer rebooted so many times I felt bad for it, patching had absolutely zero progress information, and the download was bugged - I had to wait and guess when it was done.

After this whole experience I can clearly see why nobody ever updates Windows; and why it took so long to kill IE6.  Updating Microsoft products is just a plain nightmare!  I'm glad I'm a Mac user; but inside I just feel terrible that there are users out there who have to actually deal with that!

The only reason I need Windows is for cross-platform testing of my newest project.  Surprisingly it works well.  After only an hour and a half I fixed the three major issues with using it on Windows.  Funny, compare that to two and a half hours to fix and update the OS...

My project is coming along well now.  I should be ready for initial alpha testing (aka forcing my friends to try it) soon!  Once I'm to that point I'll start putting information online.  Then iron out the early kinks, and make an announcement for the beta.

This is getting exciting!

June 21, 2014

Software: Online

I've got my software page styled and set up!  Yay!  I included some details about Purity for legacy purposes, and because I'm still proud of that 'lil guy.  I also implied I'm available for hire, which I am; but I haven't set up the rest of my website enough to link to any contact pages or anything :P

I'm also considering permalinks for the blog here, but seeing as I'm trying to implement this whole site as static html it may be a per-post kind of thing.  It's up there with pagination though.

May 6, 2014

Coding (again!)

Being that I don't consider my YOURLS Mac Client too advanced or fabulous, it has been quite some time since I've done some serious coding.  I was considering licensing Xojo earlier this year in an attempt to make an inventory management system for a friend who runs Windows, so it's a wonderful coincidence that it participated a recent promo.  I've picked up how to use the language very quickly, and it turns out to be pretty easy (which is great!)

For the past two weeks I've been working on a new project using Xojo, and so far it's looking great.  I don't have details for you yet but it's a pretty cool app.  I'm still deciding on what name to publish it under.  My options are using my name (perfectly fine by me,) using theAppleGeek (which I still own,) or coming up with a new name (which I'd like to do.)

I thought about going with Strawberry Software because this latest app is fueled by at least one bottle of strawberry vodka; but the name sounded too fruity (even for me!)  I'll come up with something great though, I have plenty of time - the app isn't even close to testing yet.

I'm doing well, and I'm excited to be developing again =)

April 26, 2014