Tim Parnell

Software Magician

I write code and make digital things.

Hi, I am Tim Parnell. I have been making software since 2007 when I released one of my most popular projects, MacDust. Now I write code for Desktop, Mobile, and Web platforms.

I am currently a freelance consultant. I have worked as an in-house developer for MacHeist, as a Xojo specialist, and with a popular cloud screenshot software startup.

I am available to hire! Please send me an email :)

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Custom App / Xojo Development

Cross Platform Specialist

A Rapid Application Development expert and can maintain your cross platform Xojo project

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Top Notch Service

Enjoy clear communication, a personal service touch, and complete satisfaction with your project

High Standards

I maintain a high standard of quality and technical integrity with reliable straightforward code

Code Consultation

Available for all projects, tough to resolve issues, and development. Contact me today!

My Work

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Created to improve the process of code signing executables for Windows. This tool allows developers to use their Mac to codesign Windows software.


A free tool to help developers maintain and generate version history logs.



Built a desktop app to control TP-Link devices via their cloud service. Currently a private project and is not available to download.



A simple tool that aids in the creation of custom web controls for Xojo. Ensures the proper constants are in place, and helps set up the control as specified in the docs.



An easy to use WYSIWYG rich text editor with HTML input and output for Xojo Developers. Now part of GraffitiSuite as both a Desktop and Web control.



A module that allows easy access to Build Step related locations in the Classic Xojo Framework. Source code is available on github!


Mac client for yourls

Wrote a Mac desktop client, for the lovely yourls URL shortener. Desktop client featured a global keyboard shortcut, and a history of links.


MacHeist Chat

Desktop chat client that connected with the web-based chatroom to receive server notifications which were pushed to Growl, and featured dock icon badges.



Created back when hard drive space was far more limited, MacDust cleaned up caches and other disposable support files. As one of the pioneers in the category, MacDust also removed extra logs, transcripts, and miscellaneous "dusty" files.

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